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Description & Habits

With the scientific name Cimex Lectularius, bed bugs are small, parasitic insects that feed on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded hosts. They are known as bed bugs because they like to nest in beds and feed on the blood of sleeping people. Bed bugs are most commonly found in bedrooms but infestations can occur virtually anywhere a human being is located, including but not limited to homes, hotels, movie theaters, retail establishments, dormitories, camps and airplanes. The list of possible bed bug locations is endless.

Bed bugs are small and flat. They can fit into tight corners and crevices. They are often found hiding along the seams of mattresses, box springs, upholstered furniture, behind baseboards, inside floor cracks, wall cracks, loose wallpaper, and picture frames.

Bed bugs are master hitchhikers and can be easily transported by human migration. Bed bugs can easily attach themselves to clothing, suitcases or bags - making their way home with the host where they quickly lay eggs and multiply. A female bed bug can lay hundreds of eggs over her lifetime. Once at a location, bed bugs spread easily between rooms and floors.

Studies have linked outbreaks to travel and tourism. Contrary to popular belief, cleanliness and hygiene have nothing to do with bed bugs. A bed bug infestation can begin with exposure to just one bug.

Bed bugs have become a serious quality of life issue worldwide. They are causing considerable psychological distress to people. They have become an economic burden to businesses.

A comprehensive bed bug plan should be incorporated into every business strategy and be considered a routine cost of doing business today. Cerebrus Environmental Services can work with you to identify your needs and help you get a plan in place. If your business doesn't stay ahead of the bed bug problem the bed bug problem could end up consuming your business.

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Cerebrus Environmental Services believes the most effective way of tackling the bed bug epidemic is a pro-active approach. Aggressive measures need to be taken to determine the presence of bed bugs and eradicate them. If you wait for obvious signs of bed bugs, or until the presence of bed bugs is reported, you are more likely to be facing a serious infestation, which is costlier to control and more likely to cause permanent damage to your business' reputation.

Cerebrus Environmental Services uses comprehensive methods for detection and inspection, including:

  • Thorough, team driven inspections of all beds, bedding, furniture and structural aspects of areas with suspected or confirmed bed bug presence
  • Inspection of surrounding rooms or units adjacent to units where bed bug presence is suspected or confirmed, including those on all sides, above and below an affected area

The use of canine scent detection. Cerebrus uses dogs have been professional trained to detect and locate bed bugs and are handled by experienced dog handlers who have bed bug specific training.

Early detection is the key to avoiding more expensive eradication costs and irreparable damage to a business's reputation. Contact Cerebrus Environmental Services today to schedule an inspection.

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Bed bug control is rarely easy. Bed bugs are among the toughest problem in pest control. Cerebrus Environmental Services can provide you with the most effective strategies to treat and control bed bugs with an aggressive, multi-dimensional approach, including:

  • Vacuum treatments and other methods of removing dead and living bed bugs and their eggs
  • The latest, bed bug specific methods of chemical-free eradication, including thermal treatments
  • Chemical pesticide applications as warranted
  • Low-hazard insecticides and mineral based treatments
  • Offering encasements and barriers to deter bedbug migration
  • Client education to train staff and residents about how to prevent or reduce the likelihood of recurring bed bugs in homes and properties and the need to cooperate with a facility's bed bug policy
  • Follow-up programs including regularly scheduled inspections

Cerebrus understands that the suspected or known presence of bed bugs is an emotional experience for many people and can provide the discrete assistance of specially trained professionals to properly prepare a location for inspection and treatment.

Discretion is paramount at Cerebrus Environmental Services. Our team understands the importance of handling your problem quickly and quietly - so you can get on with the business of doing business.

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Killing Bed Bugs with steam

Potential Economic Impact

Bed bugs have escalated into a serious issue now affecting even the cleanest and most affluent homes, hotels and businesses around the world. The stigma of having bed bugs can be even harder to eliminate than the bugs themselves.

The presence or mere suspicion of bed bugs can significantly damage the bottom line of any business in many ways, including:

  • Cost of pest control
  • Lost income for hotel rooms taken out of inventory and apartment units that cannot be rented
  • Cleaning costs and replacement of infested materials
  • Loss of foot traffic and stock in retail establishments and entertainment venues
  • Cost of encasements and barriers
  • Room refunds to guests, renters
  • Loss of long-term income from a damaged company reputation (particularly hotels, motels, resorts, airlines, movie theaters, summer camps, colleges)
  • Lost productivity from stress and lack of sleep
  • Litigation and settlements
  • Rent strikes

Bed Bugs will have severe financial, liability and public relations impacts on many businesses in the coming months and years. Cerebrus Environmental Services can help you get a plan in place.

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